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There are 2 actors on a network, people and machines. Just as usernames and passwords are used by people to access machines, machine identities are used by machines to identify and access each other. Venafi is the inventor of the technology that manages and protects machine identities, the most important security initiative in our Global 5000 customers. We are Warriors!

Are you passionate about making a positive impact and protecting the world from cybercriminals? If so, you may be a natural Venafi Warrior!

How you’ll be protecting the world:

Our goal as a User Experience team is to create compelling product experiences that enable our users, customers, and partners to manage and protect machine identities effectively in a growing and complex technology landscape.

The UX Design intern position, as part of the design team, will work on projects that will evolve our main design systems to support the needs of our Venafi Control Plane as-a-Service experience. We envision this as an opportunity to gain cross-functional skills from a diverse set of projects as well as global UX team sharing sessions, discover how we organize our design ecosystem while contributing to evolve it, and collaborate first-hand with design leaders to build awesome experiences. Together, this

will elevate the design culture at Venafi.

This internship will give you the opportunity to collaborate with and support the product and development teams to build amazing experiences for our users through:

  • Supporting the team on design systems and information architecture efforts. Identify or gather improvements and evolve existing components, style, and tokens, and document the changes and iterations happening in the system.
  • Generative research to help the design team better understand user’s needs
  • Generating interview scripts and designing test tasks to prove assumptions or provide insights, arrange prototypes to facilitate testing, assist tests and summarize insights that help the teams take better decisions.
  • Participation in brainstorming or design sprints, collaborate with senior designers to create (and test) solution concepts, and provide accurate mockups, interaction flows, and UI and animation specs.

 The ideal Venafi Warrior will be armed with:

  • Degree in User Experience, Interaction Design, Human Interaction, Multimedia Engineering, or similar.
  • A link to your portfolio or site. Final designs are nice (please include them!) but we’re more interested on how you approach design, your process, and reasoning, so make sure to touch upon it as well.
  • Strong communication and demonstration skills to convey ideas or solutions to other functional teams.
  • Innovative and analytical thinking is required.
  • Knowledge of design tools like Figma is required.
  • Knowledge of design thinking and user centered design required.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication.
  • Can work for at least 6 months

More About Venafi:

Venafi is the undisputed leader in Machine Identity Management. Why? Because we created the category and are light years ahead of anyone that would consider competing! Gartner has recognized Venafi as number one in our space and as it turns out, one is NOT the loneliest number!

Venafi is the inventor of the technology that secures and protects machine identities. The Venafi platform provides visibility, intelligence, and automation for SSL/TLS, IoT, mobile, cloud native, Kubernetes, and SSH machine identity types. Many of the largest organizations in the world use Venafi.

Billions of dollars have been spent protecting usernames and passwords and almost nothing managing machine identities—organizations are just now realizing that managing and protecting machine identities is as important as managing usernames and passwords. The bad guys know this and are using stolen or forged machine identities in their cyberattacks. In fact, Gartner says 50% of network attacks will use machine identities.

Come help us protect the world!




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