UI Designer


Do you eat, live, sleep and dream digital product design and UI?

Can you translate multiple stakeholder design ideas into clear design themes and retrospectively apply to a product suite?

Do you want to be a forefront of Redington’s rapidly growing FinTech capability?

Software development has been a part of what we do for a decade. We are building out our internal and external facing technology capabilities, and our approach to collaborative UI design, consistency and growth are key to the application’s future success. We have two product owners who take responsibility for the ongoing development of our core product set (ADA) and a UX/UI Design leader who you will work with to ensure the UI of ADA develops a grows with their and your inputs.

You will also work with stakeholders across the Redington business on new software projects and ideas. You support rapid prototyping and wire-framing design.

We Have:

  • 90+ demanding clients who need an industry leading set of tools
  • A workforce of over 170 people who want to deliver the best service to our clients
  • A growing SaaS business line which is being developed alongside our consulting business
  • A culture of ongoing learning and development which sits at the heart of our technology team and the business more broadly


  • Well versed in working UX professionals, Product owners and software developers
  • A UI designer, digital graphic designer or similar
  • Comfortable working solo or as part of a multi-disciplined team to reach the best outcome


  • Experience in understanding the market context of our software [Investment management]
  • Worked on delivering consistent design themes to a suite of complimentary software applications


Redington co-founders Robert Gardner and Dawid Konotey-Ahulu started Redington with a vision: to transform people’s experience of saving for retirement from fear and uncertainty to clarity, confidence and control.

Over a decade later, two employees have become scores, and millions look forward to a more secure future because we dare to do things differently. Our Investment Consultants, Specialists and Tech Aficionados break the mould daily to ensure we continue our mission to help 100 million people enjoy a financially secure retirement.

Here’s to the future.

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