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Posted 3y ago

Neuros is an early stage Fintech start-up working to empower Autistics and other cognitive superpowers (ADHD, dyslexia, OCD etc) through adapted banking services. We are firm believers in using tech for social good and generating positive impact. Our ultimate goal is to empower the 1bn Neurodiverse people around the world by making their lives easier. 

We are looking to recruit a highly driven and passionate intern with a keen interest in UI/UX design, preferably with a strong knowledge of accessible design. 

What we are looking for: 


Passion: your passion is your drive. You love what you do and you are eager to learn more. You want to achieve big goals and you go for it!

Mission driven: You are Neurodivergents yourself or is highly interested in the space. In either way, our mission resonates with you and you want to make a difference in the world! 

High creativity: Imagination opens up worlds, you know that and you are not afraid to let it all out!

Go getter: Nothing is impossible and the word "can't" doesn't mean anything to you. You know that there is always a way to get it done and you find it. You are not afraid to fail, because failure means moving forward! 

Curiosity: No one knows everything to start with and everything can be learned. You are an avid learner, you always want to learn more and improve your skills. 

Team player: Lifting each other up and empowering one another is in your nature.  You have great energy and only radiates good vibes to the people around you! You are keen to share your knowledge and learn from your teammates.  

Duties and Responsibilities: 

- Researching best design practices to implement for Neurodiverse people

- Mapping out user stories 

- Mobile app interface design 

Skills and abilities: 

- Passionate about helping others and social good

- Knowledge about accessible design 

- Design research & strong focus on user experience


Experience. You will get to see the behind scenes of a high impact early stage start-up and contribute to its growth.

Personal growth. You will learn so much by engaging with our community, expand your world views and learn about both the fintech industry and the Neurodiverse world! 

Professional growth. Working in an early stage start-up is one of the most rewarding experience. You get to see and learn how a business is built from the ground up which can significantly boost your career either as an entrepreneur yourself or in the corporate world. You will learn about Fintech and digital banking and how  we can use technology to make a change!

You will grow your network. You will get access to a great network of other entrepreneurs and experts in both the Fintech industry and the Neurodiversity space.

You will be part of a bigger mission. This is not your typical 9-5 "job".Our goal is to empower and positively impact more than 1bn around the world. You will get to be part of it, participate to the change. Having the chance to shape up our new world and build a better future for all is the biggest reward ever for us. 

Please note this is an unpaid internship.

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