UI / UX Designer


We are looking for a permanent UX / UI designer to continue the design and development cycle of the Laced product and products within the Laced business. The position is for a talented individual to play a significant role in the building of applications while bringing modern design methodology and research to our teams and ultimately our business. The ideal candidate will be motivated by the responsibility of setting the design standard and the prospect of driving the culture that will define the Laced design practices.

The role involves developing a thoroughly researched design strategy, presenting ideas in a digestible and functional manner, leading with research, research mapping as well as final strategic approach. Testing and prototyping solutions with the senior engineers to execute well-considered and market-leading solutions is a vital component that makes up this role.

We care about building the best product, empowering the members of our product team to lead design decisions and technology choices when solving our shared business problems. The collaboration will be at the heart of the newly developed product team, and UX and UI will be at the center of everything. We look to build an environment that encourages knowledge sharing, learning, and mentoring as the team grows. As a business, we welcome new thinking, fresh ideas, and points of view.

The quality and maintainability of our software is essential to Laced and therefore we’re looking for a designer with real-world experience of the whole development lifecycle.

The role will include but not be limited to:

    • Build, test, deploy and own your code as part of a multi-disciplinary, cross-functional team
    • Ability to create and upkeep CSS business wide to adhere to design guidelines
    • Ownership and responsibility for all design artifacts produced. From research and journey mapping through to shipping a well-tested and pixel-perfect UIWork with your team to support existing applications and tools.
    • Leading design sessions, follow design best practices and Laced design principles to ensure high standards are maintained
    • When the time comes, collaborate with engineers teams, across teams, on a variety of projects.
    • Continue the evolution of design guidelines, using current design systems and suggesting new and researched design systems we should look to use to improve Laced as a product
    • Responsibility to ensure design concepts and products all meet accessibility standards and outputs adhere to all relevant and necessary policies and standards Have knowledge of current patterns, best practices, and trends ensuring the team are kept up-to-date, in order to deliver fresh, relevant, and industry-leading products
    • Working as part of a product team to understand customer needs, business objectives, and outcomes, and contribute to the proposition and wider user experience
    • Collaborate using clear communication, written documentation, and facilitation skills
    • Working effectively with product owners, engineers, architects, user researchers, and content creators to reach a common understanding and common goal that is to continually improve the Laced products and services

Qualities of the ideal candidate:

    • They will have a good instinctual feel for the complexity of a design problem, and can quickly determine which things will be effective, challenging and which should be chosen to implement.
    • They know how to manage the wider project from a design standpoint while still progressing on their own design tasks, and are comfortable with setting a project schedule and making appropriate compromises to adhere to it
    • They will be either already capable with project management in Jira, or capable with something similar enough that they’re able to set up, manage and execute from day one.
    • They will be advanced in the designing of eCommerce platforms, confident to innovate and lead on developing design solutions to ensure we’re at the cutting edge of the industry.
    • They will need to be comfortable with the creation and management of CSS and SCSS
    • They will have applied knowledge of BEM 
    • They will also have an understanding of the constraints of both HTML and JS
About the team

This hire will be in line with other key hires as part of forming our internal product team. The tone of everyone in the business is set as determined and ambitious. We strive to become the best at what we do by delivering simple and innovative solutions that provide demonstrable value to our customers. The product team will be central to our organisation and will comprise around a quarter of our total workforce. We will work to agile principles, establishing the use of agile methodologies such as kanban to push changes to production frequently and encourage transparency through daily stand-ups and retrospectives. We will be keen to encourage tech demos to the wider business when required so a degree of confidence with expressing ideas and solutions is necessary.
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