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Founded in 2019, Cake Group is a leading decentralised finance services provider and Southeast Asia’s fastest growing fintech platform. "We Do Crypto. You Do You." - Our vision is to become a one-stop platform for all crypto users to get easy access to DeFi and Web3 services. To date, more than 1 million users from over 190 countries trust us to manage over $1 billion in assets. We are a profitable, cashflow positive private rocket ship that's just getting ready for take-off. Join us.


The Company

The Design Team

At the Bake Experience & Product Design Team we believe that good CX is as much about empathy, behaviour and emotion, as it is about utility, performance and scalability.

We strive to use a mix of human, technological and business understanding to create joyful experiences. We also continuously level up the design maturity of the company. 

The team assumes a customer’s point of view, advocates for product simplicity and evangelise Design as a business solution function while working efficiently and effectively towards objectives.

Sounds like we’re asking a lot of any team member? We do.

The most fulfilling work happens outside the comfort zone, where there is the need, ability and empowerment to grow. That’s going to excite you and make your work outstanding. Cookie-cutting is best left for Christmas time.


The Role

We are looking for a curious yet mature user researcher to join our team and level up the desirability and market fit of our mobile app. 

You’ve seen it before - Research is sometimes treated as unnecessary and researchers can be mistaken for mere validators. Morale suffers the same way that quality and revenue does. We can’t tell you why many companies treat it this way, but what we can promise you is that at Bake Design we want UXR to be integral to what we do. Design is the only function that understands how all aspects of an app influence customer decision-making and how elements need to be orchestrated to meet user needs. We value this highly and we’d like you to help us do this.

Your focus in this role will be on understanding what motivates people and how to engage them. Equipped with this knowledge, you generate actionable insights for the design team, the entire product group and for management. You’ll spend considerable time continuously improving the experience across the entire app, sitting side-by-side with UX designers.

This role requires a high sense of empathy, a keen understanding of psychology and a good sense of what matters to business. We also appreciate strong opinions - If you’re the kind of person who wonders why some apps feel ‘off’ and can’t help but mull it over during your morning run, you may be just the right person for the job.


The Responsibilities

  • Conduct qual research with various techniques
  • Analyse quant data to identify qual needs
  • Validate ideas and early concepts with customers
  • Discover unmet needs
  • Work closely with cross-functional teams to identify and evaluate research topics
  • Advocate research findings to diverse audiences through written and oral presentations
  • Synthesize data and information into actionable insights
  • Help the team grow and develop by proactively supporting others with your knowledge
  • Help the company move up on the design maturity scale by challenging briefs and established views with insights, data and plain human simplicity
  • Work hands-on and self-directed in close alignment with the design team’s shared truth and vision
  • You will be briefed with requests, but your OKRs will ask you to drive your own perpetual agenda of establishing a regular cadence of insights generation



  • 6-10 years UX research experience 
  • Degree in a human behaviour related field or otherwise proven expertise for human behaviour and psychology
  • Ability to create insights from lean processes when needed
  • Ability to quickly and effectively share research results
  • Ability to perform all research-related tasks including research, planning, evaluating, and iteration
  • Ability to formulate specific, answerable, and practical questions
  • Strong understanding of UX principles
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with stakeholders and act as a strategic partner in product decisions
  • A strong desire for creative problem-solving with a positive attitude
  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Strong communication skills and ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams
  • Understand regional/cultural diversity and have the ability to advise on solutions most applicable to all customers


The ideal candidate

  • Passionate about being the customers’ voice and putting it into context for business and for designers
  • A people person who enjoys the interaction with partners in all functions and being a bridge between them with drive/high motivation and discipline
  • A curious mind who doesn’t shy away from disagreements, but feels empowered to constructively challenge each and everyone on the team and in support functions 
  • Passionate about finding answers that matter
  • Not a rockstar. You will be part of a team with split responsibilities. We define success through mutual support. We want you to know a few things very well, not everything a little
  • A curious and ambitious mind with a willingness to challenge assumptions and learn

We want to transform and decentralise finance with tomorrow’s technology. This is where you come in. Join a company that is at the forefront of bleeding-edge innovations in blockchain and DeFi. You will be empowered to push boundaries and think out of the box. You will get to work with a bunch of ridiculously motivated and talented people. And most importantly, you'll have fun. The best places to work at, are often also the most fun to work at. That's us.

We hire based on merit, fit, and strong alignment to our culture. Our culture is defined by 7 team principles: Integrity, Resourcefulness, Ownership, Meritocratic Decision-making, Customer Obsession, Radical Candour, and Passion. These 7 principles guide our company, our people, and our work. At Cake Group, our culture is our pride. It has been instrumental to our success, so we are steadfast in our commitment to it. We welcome you to add to it.

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