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Posted 2 years ago

We are looking for Senior UX/UI Designer to work with our project team on the project, which we are making for our client since 2 years.
We are still creating new features and need a strong support from UX/UI Designer point of view ;)

We are looking for a 'rock star' of design - if it sounds like describing you - apply! We want to talk with you ;)

Tech skills:

    • UX senior - clean app with process done in less clicks is core thing to focus,
    • clean and modern UI
    • designs should be detailed enough to allow Devs working with those         
    • adobe XD familiar, 
    • being able to create meaningful tutorials (like creating walk-through movies)

Basic consultant skills:

    • fluent english - that's real core,        
    • being able to have long discussion and to argument (with some methodologies/frameworks behind not only because he/she says so) for his/her choices,
    • knowing when to pass -> like to agree with client (but this agreement can lead to showing what are the risk of taking client's approach)
    • presenter skills            
    • fast learning         
    • not being afraid to ask questions and push for getting answers.

Main challanges:

    • Preparation of simple and legible graphical interfaces / solutions (we prefer Adobe XD) in a quite complicated environment created for 2 years
    • The created interface must be modern and compliant with the current standards
    • Preparation of clicked prototypes, which must be simple enough and legible for developers - so that they do not require additional explanation
    • Knowledge of Adobe After Effects (enough to prepare simple instructional videos on the software being created)
    • Very good command of the English language (written and spoken)
    • Knowledge of UX frameworks
    • Work on multiple functionalities in quick succession
    • UX writing (describing created solutions with words) and adding text copies to the created system
    • High ability to present prepared solutions and the ability to defend one's opinion
    • Remote work (high work organization, prioritizing tasks)
    • Work in agile/jira
    • Close cooperation with the development team
    • the ability to implement innovative solutions
    • Ability to create technical documentation
    • Ability to manage multiple projects and work on them simultaneously
    • Experience in working with Design Systems
    • In-depth knowledge of multiple design approaches, methodologies, and lo-fi and high-fi prototyping skills
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